When Night Sweats Aren’t Actually Menopause

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What you need to know about the relationship between menopause and heart failure.

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When Ann Ramirez Duda felt too exhausted and winded to keep up with her job teaching gymnastics, she thought it might be her asthma acting up, or stress from caring for her dying father. When she woke up sweaty at night she assumed it was menopause.

“I would wake up hot and have trouble breathing,” Duda recalls. “I used to describe it like a wave of warmth would come on.”

But Duda didn’t see a doctor right away. “I was 48 years old being this super-person and working on my fitness and doing handstands and cartwheels and going on high beams and teaching people how to do back flips,” says Duda, who is now 53.

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